Terms of Use


Sharbu is a digital platform that connects people with the same business interests. Sharbu collects ideas and investment proposals and guarantees contact between the parties and the possibility of negotiating privately. Sharbu has no contact or direct contact with users. Everyone can subscribe, view deals and ask for a private contact. No minimum requirement or documentation is required for registration and / or project insertion, the reliability of the information provided, the projects, promoters, and investments are uncontrollable and therefore unsecured, from Sharbu.com . Each user, at registration, declares and becomes responsible and sole guarantor of his own seriousness and data entered. The quality of the investment and the terms of the Final Agreement cannot be controlled or guaranteed by Sharbu. We recommend you consider the proposed investments on Sharbu.com as any other potential source of investment. We recommend that you take the opportunity of private negotiation to start a cognitive journey with potential partners and personally deepen the details and critical points of the investment. Accepting these terms of use, declare that you are aware of the inherent risks of investing and assuming responsibility, declare that your information is truthful and your intentions respect other users, policies and intentions of the platform, also declare that your economic proposals and investments respect your real possibilities and your real interests, and you commit yourself to continue with the investment even outside the platform. Sharbu offers you the opportunity to find a partnership for your project and guarantees you a private contact for which you will have full and real control. We invite you to view the following guidelines about prohibited projects on this platform.

Business prohibited:

  • donations or charitable solicitations
  • collections of commercial funds (including commercial co-participants), drugs
  • Alchool - in all shapes
  • Adult material / pornography
  • Competitions - All that involves prizes for the winners
  • Vouchers or discounts - cannot be sold on our site
  • Equivalents to liquidity - money orders, preserved value products
  • Credit Services - credit counseling, repair, protection and identity theft
  • Donations or charitable donations - non-profit, tax-free
  • Drugs - drugs, related accessories, anything like that
  • Financial services companies - offshore banking, financial services
  • Weapons - firearms, knives, nun chucks, shuriken etc.
  • Gambling companies - poker, lotteries, gambling, trading
  • Discount Health Programs - Including Membership Programs
  • Illegal, inappropriate or offensive words / activities - violation of the law
  • Marketing activities - multi-level marketing, telemarketing, up-selling, infomercial traders
  • Miraculous care - everything that offers guaranteed results
  • Get wealth fast - everything that involves 'prizes' or promises of guaranteed results
  • Phone services - numbers 800 or 900, text services, prepaid phone cards
  • Regulated activities - bail bonds, security brokers, bankruptcy attorneys
  • Tobacco products - includes cigars, cigarettes - everything that is tobacco-based
  • Travel and Leisure - no agencies, tour operators, clubs, packages

If you have questions about whether the project may violate our guidelines, please contact us at info@sharbu.com