What is Sharbu?
Sharbu is a Sharing Business platform that connects you with the people and the right investments for your financial goals. If you have a business plan, on Sharbu you can propose the investment and look for partners with which to share the responsibility and profits; if you are looking for investment projects that are interesting to your goals, Sharbu can search for the business that's right for you and take part in the most suitable part of your business.
What is a Sharbu?
A "Sharbu" is an investment project on this site. Your financial goals are very important to us, so much so that we call the proposed projects on our platform with the same name as the platform itself.
Why do I need to sign up for Sharbu services?
We want your Sharbu.com experience to be functional and in line with your goals so that you can get your business results optimally and effectively. Your registration allows us to select and support the best projects and partners for you. In this way, you will have the opportunity to focus only on the best investment for your interests.
How do I look for interesting partners and / or projects for me?
You can search for partners and projects through the "Search" section of the main menu. Within the page you will find suggestions based on your interests and needs, and you can filter results according to the specific features you are looking for.

To propose a project:

I am creating a Sharbu and would like to add more project information, how do I do it?
Through this link you can create your own Sharbu and start looking for partners to share it with. Through the wizard, we will help you define all the details of your project to allow a full assessment of your potential partners. We recommend that you use the "Upload Attachments" feature to complete the presentation of your project with more information you feel important. You can reach the Sharbu wizard through the main menu, by clicking on the "create sharbu" entry.
I've created a project, how do I know if anyone wants to invest?
Users who see your project can recommend it to other users, ask for more information, and / or make an economic proposal. You will receive notifications once the user has completed one of these actions. Through your dashboard you can reach your sharbu and see all the data on the economic performance and interest that the project creates with users. You can invite other users to view the project via the "Sharbu recommend" button and wait for their proposals.
What is the "Open a Negotiation" button?
When a user makes a proposal for the sharbu you have created, you can open a private deal with him. In this way, you can privately discuss with the user about your proposal and the details of the investment. We would like to take advantage of the private negotiation to start a cognitive phase with the potential partner.
Have I received bids for my sharbu, how do I know if I really have the proposed investments?
All Sharbu users at the time of registration declare that they use the platform in accordance with their terms, so they become responsible for the information reported while using Sharbu and claim to have real capacity, availability and interest in the investments they are participating. By accepting the use of conditions that is required for use by Sharbu, you declare that you are able to comply with the commitment and commit yourself to participating in the project with the amount proposed as soon as the sharbu has arrived at its expiration date . Sharbu.com can not guarantee and control the investment opportunities of the various users; for this reason, we recommend taking advantage of private contacts with potential partners and starting a cognitive phase with him. Our system will propose your project to the best profiles that have shown interest in a business like yours, but you are the right person to evaluate the partners you are looking for to share your project.
Have I received an economic proposal for my Sharbu, and now?
When you receive a proposal for your Sharbu you can: - Accept the proposal: you will accept the user as a project partner - Refuse the proposal - Open a private treaty: open a conversation with the potential partner in which you can discuss the details of the investment and reach an agreement
I have not received any proposals for my project, how can I do it?
If you have not received any proposal for your project yet, you can: recommend your project by inviting subscribers and not to participate in the platform. You can also change the expiration date so that users can view your sharbu for longer.
My Sharbu has expired and I did not receive the required amount, what can I do?
If your Sharbu expired but you did not reach the amount you want, you can try changing the expiration date and keeping the Sharbu active for longer, you can also redirect the proposals with your partners and / or recommend the project out of the platform.
My Sharbu has reached the required investment before the deadline, what should I do?
When your Sharbu has reached the amount you requested, you can close it with the "close" button that you will find on your Sharbu page. From this moment on, the project becomes reality outside the platform.

Investing in a project:

Is there a project that interests me, how do I invest?
By clicking on "make your proposal" on the project page, you can tell the designer how much you are willing to invest in your project, and you can also send him a message asking for any additional information and clarifications on the project. By submitting a proposal, you commit to investing as soon as Sharbu arrives at its expiration date or has reached the required quota.
Did I send my economic proposal for a Sharbu, and now?
As soon as your proposal is submitted, the developer will be informed of your interest and will be able to: - Accept your proposal: you will become a partner of the project, pledging to invest the proposed amount on expiration of the sharbu - Refusing your proposal: you will not be able to participate in the investment you will not be able to make any further suggestions - Open a private treaty: the developer will open a conversation with you in which you can discuss the details of the investment and reach a different agreement from your initial proposal
The Sharbu to which I participated has reached the required investment, and now?
When the Sharbu reaches the requested investment, the developer proceeds to close the project on the platform. From that moment on, the project becomes reality outside Sharbu.com